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Strategic procurement management

Establishing long range business plans which can anticipate the global market. This is particularly important for commodity procurement.

Project management

Driving the procurement process by designing, implementing and managing projects to a successful conclusion. Establishing accountability, establishing timelines and establishing goals are paramount.

In Negotiation
Negotiation skills

Build capacities in the ability to persuade, influence and explore positions and alternatives to reach outcomes that will gain acceptance of all parties and will also meet their organization’s strategic procurement objectives.

Category management

Arranging and categorizing spends according to specific goods or services (direct & indirect); and keeping in mind quality, service, risk and cost.

Relationship management

Help our clients’ procurement department in their ability to leverage interpersonal skills to establish rapport and develop relationships with all key stakeholders: suppliers, internal & external customers.

Financial Graphs
Financial acumen

Apply a broad understanding of financial management principals and other quantitative information to ensure decisions are fiscally responsible and based on their procurement budget.

Building capabilities in the financial management to control an organizations' finances in a way that ensures compliance with legal requirements and business success.

Analytical skills

Visualize, articulate, and solve both complex and uncomplicated problems and concepts and make decisions that make sense based on all available information. Particularly important in the selection of vendors.

Team Brainstorm

Drive achievements surpassing targets against internal and external standards of excellence. This is about showing a passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement in your procurement process.

Image by Luca Bravo
Aptitude for technology

Our technology experts will help our clients’ procurement department to apply and improve extensive and in-depth specialized knowledge, skills, and judgement by assessing and translating information technology into responsive and effective procurement solutions.


Improve the ability to consider the likely effects on others of their words, actions, appearance, and mode of behavior. The consummate professional selects the words and actions most likely to have the desired effect on the group or individual in question.

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